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Allan Thompson

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Integrity. Fairness. A Rural Voice.

Allan Thompson was born and raised on a farm near the village of Glammis in southern Bruce County and learned the value of a good day’s work early on in life. As the Liberal candidate in Huron-Bruce, he has been working hard to demonstrate his determination to be the voice of the riding in Ottawa, not Ottawa’s voice in Huron-Bruce.

You can follow his campaign hour by hour on Facebook, through Twitter and Instagram, a photo gallery on Flickr or through the blog Allan posts to this site. Allan’s campaign also produces a weekly newsletter, issued on Monday mornings. For a listing of the scheduled All-Candidates Meetings, click on the red button. All-Candidates Meetings

Allan studied Journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa and did a Master’s degree in International Relations at the University of Kent at Canterbury, in England. He worked for 17 years with the Toronto Star, including a decade as a Parliament Hill correspondent and as a columnist in The Saturday Star. Since 2003, he has been a professor at Carleton University.

Allan also reported extensively on the aftermath of the Rwanda genocide and edited the book The Media and the Rwanda Genocide. In 2006, as a Journalism professor at Carleton, Allan founded the Rwanda Initiative, a five-year partnership between Carleton’s journalism school and its counterpart in Rwanda. The project sent more than 175 Canadian volunteers to Rwanda as teachers, trainers and media interns, while bringing Rwandan journalists to Canada to study.

He was presented with a Governor General’s medal in 2010 by Michaëlle Jean for his work promoting press freedom in Africa and in 2012 was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee medal by Roméo Dallaire.

With deep roots in Huron-Bruce, Allan promises to provide the riding with a strong and effective voice in Ottawa and to stand up for rural communities. Everywhere he goes in Huron-Bruce, he talks to voters about his hope to restore integrity to politics after a decade of cynicism and secrecy, about making fairness the cornerstone of all policy-making and the importance of our MP providing a strong, rural voice in Ottawa. He is the candidate best positioned to defeat Stephen Harper and bring real change.

Allan, 51, is married to Roula El-Rifai, who works for a Canadian Crown corporation. Their son Laith, 16, is heading into Grade 11.